A little history about the company

In 1979, Pierre Saint-Cyr founded D.P. Graphik Ltée, now known as DPG Communication.

Over the years, Pierre has instilled his passion for communications in his colleagues and the agency’s many clients.

Always on the lookout for the latest trends in marketing communications, the agency has expanded its range of services and now integrates planning and strategic consulting into its service offering.

With time, the employees and suppliers who have joined the team have brought their expertise and helped to forge a unique way of doing things.

Mission & Vision


To advise and support SMEs and non-profit organizations in communicating with their clients and members through the promotion of their brand image, to provide a full range of communications and graphic design services, and to ensure project management.


To guide our clients through the array of new marketing communication trends and support them throughout the process to achieve their goals.

Our Values


It is always difficult for clients to visualize the entire project and all the processes that it entails. Our ease in adapting to change allows us to master the processes that help guide clients in completing their projects, and to provide positive solutions to the challenges encountered along the way.


Our passion is our strength. It dominates our daily business practices. Our clients benefit from our zeal for work, which fuels our creativity to the nth degree to ensure the success of their project. The passion that drives our clients energizes us throughout the creative process.


By adapting to change (technological or other), we have developed a capacity for innovation, something we demonstrate to our  clients on every project. It is important for us to offer new ways of doing things that add value to the end product.


We share the ambitions of our clients and business partners and work closely with them to achieve their goals. We are committed to honoring our contracts, while exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Louise Robichaud


The committed leader

With more than 25 years in marketing communications, Louise has gained not only extensive experience but also maintained the curiosity of a self-taught scholar always eager to learn more. Her passion for communications and her ability to listen to her employees and clients make her a key member of the team.

Pierre Saint-Cyr


The specialist founder

Over the years, Pierre has acquired expertise through his many collaborations with various companies and organizations. He has succeeded in bringing out their best qualities and assets through the production of stellar communications and effective marketing strategies. His wide-ranging analytical skills make him a true mentor to the other members of the team.

Noémie Robichaud


Production Manager

The efficient collaborator

Noémie is the consummate professional and an example of efficiency at its best. As the person responsible for coordinating our operations, she is an essential support to all the members of our team. Her focus on the objectives to be achieved, tight rein on the budget and ease in communicating with clients help ensure the success of the various projects.

Vanessa Thériault

Content Director

The thorough organizer

Vanessa demonstrates an unwavering attention to the tasks assigned to her: research, content writing (including for the Web), language editing and social media management for our clients. Her organizational skills and French writing skills have contributed to the success of a wide variety of projects. Self-taught, she seizes every professional development opportunity to benefit the entire team.

Mélissa Bédard

Senior Graphic Designer

The creative soul

Brimming with creativity, Mélissa has left an indelible mark on several of our clients’ websites and graphic signatures. Her discipline, efficiency and desire to always be in the know about new graphic design trends make her a highly valued resource within the team. Precision and attention to detail are hallmarks of everything she does.

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