New Brunswick Association of CBDCs

New Brunswick Association of CBDCs

The association provides financial and technical services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Province of New Brunswick.


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Annual Report

For many years, the New Brunswick Association of CBDCs has entrusted the agency with the creation of its annual report, from concept to end product.

Promotional Tools

Some of the interesting graphic projects that our team produced throughout the year include a Christmas card with an animated holiday greeting, GIFs for the association’s social networks, and ads for a special newspaper insert.

Success Stories

In 2020, the association entrusted the agency with several graphic design projects, including recounting the success stories of companies supported by the CBDCs.

The stories were presented as short videos, accompanied by texts, posted on the association’s social media and website.

Fact Sheets

These success stories resulted in fact sheets, or presentation graphics, highlighting these success stories were distributed to the association’s clients.

This client used various services.

Strategic advice
Graphic design
Social media management
Promotional tools

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