New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation

New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation (NBTF)

The NBTF represents all New Brunswick active and supply teachers in the negotiation and application of the Collective Agreement with the Board of Management. The federation is also responsible for pensions and teacher certification.

To develop a communication strategy promoting its members and enhancing the organization’s brand image



Client since

2016-2018 Promotional Campaign

Stand up for education!

New Brunswick’s public school system has changed dramatically over the past few decades.

The NBTF wanted to conduct a campaign promoting the teaching profession while raising public awareness of the importance of education.

2020 awareness campaign

We make a difference!

The NBTF continues to use various platforms to promote the teaching profession, while enhancing the organization’s brand image among its members.


The NBTF set out to review its entire website in terms of how it works and what it does. The agency created sections reserved for board members to facilitate the management of internal documents.

As well, public access was included to enable the organization to inform the public about education in New Brunswick.

Annual Report

For several years, the NBTF has entrusted the agency with creating its annual report, from design to the end product.


Freestanding Banner and Exhibition Booth

The agency created free-standing banners and an exhibition booth to raise the organization’s visibility during external or internal events.

From design to production, the NBTF has been able to count on our team to produce high-quality products.

Social Media

The NBTF uses its social networks to highlight major educational celebrations throughout the year.

DPG Communication has been responsible for designing the visuals on the NBTF’s social networks and managing their networks for several years now.

NBTF Group Insurance Trustees

The NFTB’s group insurance trustees entrusted the agency to rebuild their brand image and develop communication tools to better inform members about the benefits to which they are entitled.

This client used various services.

Strategic advice
Website creation
Social media management
Project management
Graphic design

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