Village of Grande-Anse

Village of Grande-Anse

Considered a jewel on Route 11, the village of Grande-Anse overlooks magnificent Chaleur Bay from the dizzying heights of cliffs. With the Gaspé coast visible in the distance, this gateway to the Acadian Peninsula enthralls the many visitors who stop at the lighthouse for a snack or simply to breathe in the salt air.


To develop a graphic signature that will be used on various billboards promoting the village of Grande-Anse

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The agency designed six interpretive panels to inform tourists, visitors and citizens alike, about the various features that make Grande-Anse a unique village.

The panels, installed on the site of the famous lighthouse on the bay, contain information about the main commercial fisheries of the Acadian Peninsula and its precious resource, lobster, the unique features of Chaleur Bay, the history of the village, and the marine life that can be seen in the bay. One of the panels also provides a descriptive map of the Gaspé coast.

This initiative is a key element of a tourism infrastructure project implemented by the village.



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Graphic design

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