What we can do for you!

Are you in need of solid marketing communications? Every day, we provide our clients with the expertise to meet this challenge!

Strategic Advice

Our communications experts are available to advise and guide you in making the decisions that are important to your day-to-day business operations. Our communications recommendations can project a positive image of your business or organization, while helping you make informed decisions about any crisis situation. We also offer personalized support throughout the various processes.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services offer you a strong brand image, in tune with current trends. We work in close collaboration with you to analyze your needs and identify your target customers. The result is powerful promotional tools that reflect your image!

Website Creation

Among the current technologies used in communications, a website is a vital window on the world, the place where the initial contact with your customer is often made. From the idea stage to an actual online presence, the DPG Communication team and its business partners will build a website that reflects your organization or business.


Unique professionally written communications make it easy to reach people. Our French language experts will help you create quality texts that translate your ideas into clear and compelling messages. Whether the need is for language editing or copywriting, we can ensure the right message reaches your customers. Our partnership with established translation firms allows us to provide service in several languages.

Social Media Management

Too often overlooked, social media are a crucial facet of your business or organization. Your social media presence is an art, one that requires special attention. Choosing the right platform(s) to be used and content to be posted are essential to ensuring visibility with your customers and promoting your brand image.

Project Management

Do you have a marketing communications project but don't have the time to handle all the details? Our team can help keep your project on budget and on time, with the quality results you want. Your project should be an exhilarating achievement, not a nightmare, propelling your business or organization toward your goals!

Promotional Tools

Do promotional tools still have a place in effective communications? The answer is yes. But using them requires carefully analyzing their capabilities and identifying the need they are intended to meet? At DPG Communication, we discuss our clients’ objectives with them and identify promotional tools that will enhance their brand image while respecting their corporate values.


Communicating with your customers or members often requires the use of printed promotional material. We encourage our clients to reduce their paper consumption by thoughtfully selecting when and where to use printed material. We work closely with printers based mainly in New Brunswick.

Trust us with your projects!