Julie Francoeur

Strategist and Trainer

Julie has been working in communications and marketing for more than 30 years. Her experience comes from her work both in the field and in strategy. After holding successive positions as marketing coordinator and product manager in an SME, she spent 18 years in an Acadian financial institution, revising its social and community involvement and successfully overseeing the institution’s communications for major strategic projects.

A committed manager, strategist and practitioner, Julie directed the widescale launch of a new commercial brand and was responsible for marketing, corporate communications and supporting client experience.

A natural communicator, Julie has a keen sense of public relations and managing change in challenging times. She has presented to and guided several groups, be it incorporating the brand in everyday life, mobilizing teams around a project or generating strategic thinking leading to action.

Passionate, creative and curious, Julie remains down to earth and has the necessary rigour to keep her focus on the objectives. What she finds most inspiring as a strategy is to start with an idea, an intention or a vision and to bring it to life while ensuring an enriching experience for the client.

Julie loves the world and goes out to it, and we’ve lost count of the number of countries she has visited.