The agency that refines the art of marketing communications

We have been fine-tuning our craft for many decades. We work mainly in French-speaking Canada. We believe that by applying our team’s collective knowledge and creative strengths, we can have a positive influence on businesses and organizations.
We aim to inspire our clients to imagine their growth differently, in order to foster sustainable solutions that will in turn have a positive impact. We believe it is our duty to put our creativity at the service of a more united and caring future.
We evolve our service offerings in line with new trends and keep in touch with our clients’ needs so that they can remain relevant in an increasingly fast-changing world.

Our team:

amazing people

The talented team that forms the backbone of our agency is made up of creative, intuitive, passionate and curious people who sometimes ask too many questions, who challenge, who became energized promptly and who will insist… gently. Our people know that we are better together than alone!

Every member of our team is equally focused on our clients’ success.

If a particular expertise is lacking, we have the humility to seek out occasional partners who can support us, always with the goal of offering optimal solutions.

Louise Robichaud
President and Chief Executive Officer