Louise Robichaud

President and Chief Executive Officer

Louise has broad experience in marketing communications. For more than 25 years, she has guided businesses through their growth, challenges and outreach. Passionate about communications, and curious and attentive to clients and employees, she is a key component of the agency.

Louise masters the art of understanding issues and transforming them into possibilities, regardless of the sector. She is fully committed to the success of her clients, having collaborated with many of them for decades. Common sense is her guiding compass, and she has a thorough grasp of the reality of regional SMEs. Over the years, she has added many public organizations to her clientele and has expanded her collaborations in several provinces.

Louise supports the members of her team, encouraging them to broaden their expertise and achievements. An entrepreneur herself, she continually strives to help her clients, and creates value-added solutions and actions for them.

Louise is a woman of both heart and intellect. While her family is her anchor and her oasis, the agency is where she thrives with passion.