Le Rendez-vous de la fierté Acadie Love


Strategic consulting / Social media management / Copywriting / Graphic design / project management / Printing / Website creation / Promotional tool design

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Convey the organization’s messages and support it in its communications


For the past couple of years, the Rendez-vous de la Fierté Acadie Love has entrusted the communications mandate to DPG Communication.

The importance of inclusion, solidarity and awareness of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, mainly located in the Acadian Peninsula, depends on the quality of the information transmitted around the event.

It is important to give high visibility to the annual event during the weeks surrounding the Rendez-vous de la Fierté Acadie Love, as well as throughout the year since their mission is now not only focused on the annual event, but to all the organized activities. Outside edition (i.e., during the rest of the year), we try to provide educational information to raise awareness, share relevant news, and this, while highlighting important days of celebration. DPG Communication puts together and ensures publications of all kinds for the organization by keeping a calendar of publications for its various social networks.

Our team is also responsible for the visual creation of programming intended for the general public.