Noémie Robichaud Saint-Cyr

Production Director and Account Executive

Noémie is formidable in her efficiency. Like an orchestra conductor, she coordinates the agency’s operations with vigilance and attention to detail. She is an essential support to all the members of the team.

Noémie never loses sight of the big picture. She always remains focused on the objectives, budget and established timelines of every project to meet clients’ expectations. She especially enjoys regular contact with clients and the opportunity to better understand what drives them to better support them.

Over the years, Noémie has perfected her digital and technological knowledge and continues to learn more. She is committed to harnessing the full potential of the web and digital technology for her clients, because the quest for efficiency is in her nature.

Imbued with entrepreneurial spirit, Noémie hopes one day to take over the reins of the agency. But, for now, her greatest passion is to watch her two young children grow. She is using her time at the agency to gain more experience and knowledge in guiding clients and employees.