Pierre Saint-Cyr

Strategist and Public Relations Expert

Pierre is the wise leader, the elder, who advises with generosity and kindness. In 1979, Pierre founded D.P. Graphik ltée, now DPG Communication. For more than 40 years, he has deployed his passion for communications and his expertise in successful collaborations while promoting organizations and businesses using effective and relevant marketing and communications strategies.

A seasoned public relations practitioner, devourer of current affairs and man of great culture, Pierre has a keen grasp on societal issues that can have an impact on businesses and our clients. Managing public relations is second nature to him.

While he has handed over the reins of the agency, his amazing analytical skills, expertise and experience make him an invaluable mentor for the other members of the team. We never hesitate to consult him to validate our strategies and sometimes invite him to dive into certain projects with us.

Pierre now spends more time enjoying his passions as a happy grandfather, amateur horticulturist and volunteer renovator.